BBCA Profile

        China BBCA Group is a mixed ownership enterprise that shareholders mainly manage the company with partially support by the municipal government. It is also a the large-scale biological fermentation technology company and the national innovation enterprise in China. Currently, the group wholly owns BBCA Pharmaceutical and partially owns Shandong GEO-MINERAL. It has manufacturing companies including BBCA biochemical, Tiger biotech, BBCA biotech, BBCA Gelatin, BBCA Food, BBCA Biochemical Equipment and several trading companies both in China and abroad. With the National Engineering Research Center of Fermentation Technology and BBCA Pharmaceutical R&D Center, it has been involved in many national biological fermentation projects. BBCA has more than 500 patents and over 170 significant technological engineering patents. 

       During the period of 13th five-year-plan, BBCA concentrates on the biochemical, biomedical and new material, we mainly manufacture organic acids, amino acids, vitamins and PLA. The biological manufacturing industry innovation base which had put into operation in 2017, including one of the largest manufacturer of VC and its derivatives and the largest manufacturer of new biological material polylactic acid, and production of lysine, alanine, starch sugar products and a variety of vitamins.

       In overseas countries BBCA responds positively to the national development strategy of ‘going out’. Its cassava deep processing enterprise was built in Thailand which had put into operation at the end of 2011. BBCA is currently constructing corn deep processing base in Mato Grosso do sul, Brazil and Szolnok, Hungry. 

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